So you dreamt of having a car with less then stellar credit, you did the footwork and found a place to finance your dream and now you WHAT??? That car is paid in full. You own your very own vehicle with NO MORE PAYMENTS?
Congratulations! You have successfully paid a car off, which probably raised your credit. This can open a plethora of possibilities for you! Paying any type of installment loan off should raise your credit score as long as the payments were on time and you did not default on any other payments during the duration of the loan. So what does this mean? Improved score, improved possibility of approval on other loans at a LOWER rate! So are you ready for a new car yet? Ready to buy that house you wanted and stop paying rent?
The goal of any finance company should be to allow their customers to thrive after paying their car off! Any dealer would love to help a customer get into another car with them, or possibly get a loan through a local bank or credit union. That car payoff and hearing the payoff bell being rung in office brings a smile to the faces of any staff.

So stop waiting, stop wishing and stop in to see how we can help you ring the bell!